About us

Our small-scale kennel is located on the west coast of Sweden and was founded 1995 and we celebrated 20 years as breeders of this magnificent breed 2015! So far we have had twelve litters. Our aim is soundness in body and soul.

Our dogs are definitely family-dogs and nothing else. To live with these ridgebacks is a privilege!

Today our kennel consists of 4 bitches. SE UCH Emoyeni's Dinah Dot Com, SE UCH Emoyeni's Ice Age Abidemi, SE DK UCH BISS-15 Emoyeni’s Dot Titiyo and our latest addition Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas.

Susan is a trainer of obedience classes. She is also educated in mental tests, as a helper. Susan has also undergone SKK's breeder education.

Johanna, our daughter, is since March 2009 partner in the kennel. She lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend, their daughter Amelia and Alba, Emoyeni's Ice Age Abidemi.

Peter then? Well, he is no longer part of the kennel itself but we still live under the same roof and he is "the dogs personal trainer" - since Susan occupies herself with other activities, it is Peter who exercises the hounds. He is their indisputable leader, who they love with all their heart! Peter is also the one who has read all about dogfood. He is the one who takes care of the housework and without him nothing would have worked.

And we should't forget Tobias our son, who always takes care of the dogs when we are away

Welcome to our site, sit back and enjoy !